Success Stories

Cold Summer by James Ellson

  • The third book in the DCI Castle series

    Manchester, England, the European migration crisis rampant . . .
    On the site of a disused supermarket, the hidden compartment of an articulated lorry is being unloaded. At the same time, a prisoner escapes from Strangeways.
    Are the two things connected?
    DI Rick Castle, recently demoted but inspirational, starts to investigate . . .

    Nothing will be the same again.

    This is my third manuscript to go under Eve's critical eye, and each time, her critique has contributed significantly to the finished book. Her focus on pace and tension is very effective. In addition, she's encouraging, and having been through the process with Eve twice before, I now find that I write in a different way because I anticipate her feedback. The three critiques have shortened, but I think we'd both agree that's a good thing!'‘It's always a joy to catch up with Rick Castle! Cold Summer is the best book so far in this gripping series. James Ellson's books just keep getting better!’ (Samantha Brownley, UK Crime Book Club)

Drake's War by Gideon Saint


    Drake’s War

    Tennyson Drake. Schoolmaster. Soldier. Spycatcher?

    It's May 1940. The Allies are at a standoff with Hitler's Germany.
    Second Lieutenant Tennyson "Ted" Drake, until recently a barracks schoolmaster, is on a shadowy reconnaissance trip deep in the Ardennes forest.

    But when the German panzers burst across the border, Drake's commanding officer is killed, leaving Drake in a place he should not be, with no orders, just a bloodstained notebook filled with code - and a mysterious sketch of a raven.

    As the Allied defences crumble before the onslaught of the Blitzkrieg, Drake must stay alive long enough to discover the raven’s secret - and stop its catastrophic consequences on the outcome of the war…

    Eve was great to have on board for an editorial review of my manuscript before I started my final draft. I was pretty confident of the general direction of the story, but I knew there were some weak areas, and I asked Eve to focus especially on those: to ensure that I was hitting all my mystery and thriller plot points. Eve came back quickly with some incisive input into what needed to be improved, areas where the story might be flagging and needed tightening up, or areas where the plotting needed some fine tuning. Eve’s fine focus on pace and tension – and the hidden pillars that create it – really helped, and gave me a roadmap to nail all these down for my final draft. Thanks, Eve!

The Hacker by Daniel Scanlan

  • First in a thrilling new series from cybercrime specialist Daniel Scanlan. FBI Special Agent Ericka Blackwood chases a deadly online predator in a high-stakes hunt for the truth. Perfect for fans of Thomas Harris and Stieg Larsson.

    Eve’s editorial skills and precise comments made it instantly clear to me what was working and what had to change. Her analysis gave me the assurance to make significant changes, confident the result would be a better book, particularly regarding pace and character engagement. Where I had gone word-blind, she saw the issues. Eve made real difference to the quality of my novel!”Head of Zeus

The Lensky Connection by Conrad Delacroix

  • Published by Matador, part of Troubador Publishing Limited.  In the run up to the 1996 Russian Presidential election, Major Valeri Grozky of the Federal Security Bureau (FSB) is selected for a Russian Military Intelligence (GRU) operation investigating an oligarch involved in an oil company privatisation fraud which an American Senate investigation will publicly expose. Unless the growing political scandal can be contained, it threatens to topple the Russian government. As Grozky delves into the fraud, he discovers the trail leads outside Russia and dark forces are operating on both sides of the Atlantic. With the Russian election looming, he is forced to reassess his loyalties and confront the real enemy…

    I am indebted to Eve who helped me to realise the full potential of my story. In two editorial reviews she pointed out the areas which could be improved, providing both strategic and forensic insights in a very constructive way which really helped me to shape my novel. My story hasn’t changed much, but how I have told it has changed significantly. I finally published the story I hoped I could tell and Eve was integral to that journey.

Definitely Dead by Kate Bendelow

  • Maya Barton has just embarked on her dream job as a scene of crime officer. When she attends her first death the post-mortem deems it to be non-suspicious and the case is closed. But despite the lack of evidence, she suspects a crime has been committed. 

    Meanwhile, the police force focus on a mission to bring a criminal gang to justice.

    When Maya is called to another apparent sudden death her reservations resurface. Can Maya catch a killer and escape from her troubled past, or will the skeletons from her closest come back to haunt her? 

    'Thanks to Eve Seymour for her editorial skills on an early draft.'Published by Bloodhound Books 24th May 2021

Steel Fear by Webb & Mann

  • An aircraft carrier adrift with a crew the size of a small town. A killer in their midst. And the disgraced Navy SEAL who must track him down . . . The high-octane debut thriller from New York Times bestselling writing team Webb & Mann--combat-decorated Navy SEAL Brandon Webb and award-winning author John David Mann.

    "Sensationally good--an instant classic, maybe an instant legend."--Lee Child

    Published by Bantam 13th July 2021

    Eve was most generous in her initial comments, the “What I think is great” part. And then got down to business. Chapter by chapter, page by page, structure, plot, characterization, pacing and tension…she mapped out the entire thing, end to end, from broad-strokes observations to detailed notes. Her critique was fantastic, phenomenal, incisive, spot on. Kind but ruthless. Terrifying. Galvanizing. Motivating. I saw what was lacking, and what was possible. Eve helped me see that the story had major flaws. I’d conceived of it as having more or less three protagonists—and you can see the problem right there in the phrase “more or less.” It was vague. Not a clear three-strand braid, but not a clear one-hero thread either. She prodded me to make a clear choice as to who was the protagonist, and then rework everything to serve that choice.

The Trail by James Ellson

  • Manchester. DCI Rick Castle is inspecting his bees when his boss phones. A minor cannabis dealer has been reported missing. His father’s a war hero.

    Rick flies to Nepal, and heads up the trail. Through villages of staring children and fluttering prayer-flags. Brilliant blue skies, and snow-capped mountains.

    He finds a dead body.

    Then a second.

    Nothing in this world was ever straightforward. Nothing.

    Finally, he puts himself in the firing line, and has a decision to make. Is it the right one? The moral one?

    ‘Intelligent and pacy thriller . . . A taut keenly-observed tale of revenge, perseverance and the struggle against injustice.’ (Paula Hawkins)

    ‘A stunning debut from an exciting new addition to the world of crime fiction.’ (Stephen Booth)

    Eve provided timely detailed feedback on every chapter, focusing in particular on structure, pace, and tension. I have no doubt that the published book is substantially better because of it. Going forward, Eve’s advice changed the way I write.

Divided House by J M Dalgliesh

  • DI Nathaniel Caslin's life is a mess.  

    Then, investigating the death of an ex-serviceman in police custody, he discovers the disappearance of a young family.  Crucially, no-one noticed. No-one seemed to care.

    Haunted by the ghosts of the past, Caslin is pushed to his limits.  Will this case break him or be his path to redemption?  

    I must convey my gratitude to Eve Seymour for assisting me in crafting my enthusiastic efforts into a working novel, as well as for the extra guidance on how to survive in the literary world. Not least, for briefing me on the 'Tsunami Effect,' which features in this story.

One Last Prayer for The Rays by Wes Markin

  • School should be the safest place in the world.  Not this winter.  DCI Michael Yorke faces his most harrowing case yet when 12 year-old Paul disappears.  

    'An explosive and visceral debut with the most terrifying of killers.  Wes Markin is a new name to watch out for in crime fiction, and I can't wait to see more of DCI Yorke.'  Highly acclaimed crime author Stephen Booth

    When I needed a dose of realism, and that stern instruction to cut back on the violence, Eve was there for me! I couldn't recommend her highly enough and I went back to her twice with One Last Prayer for the Rays.

'The Unseeing' by Anna Mazzola.

  • Published by Tinder Press 14th July 2016Set in London in 1837, this is the story of Sarah Gale, a seamstress, nurse and mother, sentenced to hang for her role in the murder of Hannah Brown on the eve of her wedding.

    After Sarah petitions for mercy, Edmund Fleetwood is appointed to investigate and consider whether justice has been done. Idealistic, but struggling with his own demons, Edmund is determined to seek out the truth.

    'I'm sure it would never have been published had it not been for your wonderful advice, particularly on pace.'Anna Mazzola

'Reasonable Force' by C.T. Sullivan.

  • Published by Vanguard, Press, an imprint of Pegasus Books.When Nick Summers accidentally kills an intruder in his home, he kick-starts a chain of events that will have terrible and unforeseen consequences for him and his wife...

    'My thanks go to Eve Seymour for her advice, guidance, availability and enthusiasm.'C.T. Sullivan.

'The Abrupt Physics of Dying' by Paul Hardisty

  • Published by Orenda Books.One Man. An oil Company. A decision that could cost his life...

    I would also like to thank Eve Seymour for her fabulous reviews, support and introductions...Paul Hardisty

'Zero Alternative' by Luca Pesaro

  • Published by Three Hares.Scott Walker is a fugitive from the quicksands of Finance, with one card to play. As he fights for survival and vengeance, one question torments him: what price will the world have to pay?'

    'E.V. Seymour, she made my book so much better it's hard to give her enough credit: lovely ideas, encouragement and a clinical eye. Great job!'Luca Pesaro.

'Disorder' by Paddy Magrane (Self Published).

  • When Cabinet Minister Charles Scott commits suicide, his troubled psychotherapist, Sam Keddie, is consumed with guilt. But then a shadowy Government official visits, demanding details of his sessions with Scott. Bound by client confidentiality, Keddie refuses to help. Guilt is soon the least of his problems...

    'It took me about a year to pen the first draft (I wrote in my lunchbreak at work) and then I did lots of rewrites, working on advice from an agent and the brilliant Eve Seymour at The Writers' Workshop.'Paddy Magrane

'Memento Mori' by Keith Mccarthy

  • Published by GWL Publishing'Memento Mori is a deeply dark and disturbing novel, not without the occasional flash of ghoulish humour, but a journey nonetheless into the most unlit corners of the human mind. The terrors that lurk in those shadowy corners may make you rush to finish the book and put it down to go to sleep - with the light on.' Crime Fiction Lover

    'Writers' Workshop were essential to getting this book to publication. I know of nothing else quite like it. I owe them a great deal.'Keith McCarthy

'Brotherhood' by David Beckler

  • Published by GWL PublishingA crime thriller, in which two ex-Royal Marines are pitted against a former child soldier, and of the most brutal gangs in Manchester:

    'Sometimes brothers are the only people you can rely on.'

    'Writers Workshop found me a structural editor who quickly knocked my manuscript into shape, helping me to dramatically improve it and get published.'David Beckler