My Lying Husband

  • Heartbreaking Tale of Lies Splintering A Family

    It was an engrossing and heartbreaking read. 

    Amazon Reader from the United States
  • Humorous Murder

    This does indeed have laughs as well as serious moments. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this mystery. I'm not sure I would be as forgiving as some people.

    Amazon Reader from the United States
  • Hard To Put It Down

    An amazing book, I found it hard to put it down. Definitely didn’t see the ending. 

    Amazon Reader from the United Kingdom
  • Brilliant and Absolutely Addictive

    Unputdownable just doesn’t cover this addictive book! Brilliantly written, the plot lines twist and turn until the very end, when everything changes again! It seems you can’t trust anyone!

    Amazon Reader from Australia
  • Excellent

    Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Couldn't put it down...literally! Great characters and as the story progressed it got better & better. I'd highly recommend this won't be disappointed so just read it! 10*** if I could!

    Amazon Reader from the United Kingdom

The Widow's Boyfriend

  • Wow! This was an incredibly well-written tense thriller with a plot twist that took me by surprise, big time. The characters were relatable and well developed. Seymour’s writing was superb. I will be reading more from this author for sure.

    Jody NetGalley Reviewer

    As ever with E.V Seymour, she has a fantastic way of capturing the locations in her novels and I feel like I was in Cheltenham, Cirencester and Ludlow with them.

    So many twists and turns that you don't expect. A great read.

    Amazon reader

    It moved from a love story, through past horrors, to a Who done-it? to an imprisonment, car chase, back to family emotions . Couldn’t put it down!

    Amazon reader

    The writing style was really atmospheric at times and I found myself holding my breath and on edge. This really had a stalker vibe to it and this made me race through it to find out the conclusion.

    Amazon reader

     E V Seymour's writing has a way of drawing you in, and then boom, the twists and turns begin.

    Peacock Book Reviews

    The plot was absolutely gripping and had me hooked right from the very start. It was twisty, unpredictable and kept me guessing with a creepy atmosphere infused throughout the book.
    I couldn't put it down and read it in one sitting, I really liked it.

    Kirsty Lock - Vine Voice

    I really enjoyed this book. It was truly gripping and in my opinion very well written. I loved EV Seymour’s details of the beautiful Gloucestershire countryside, the ancient buildings and her obvious knowledge of the area. I loved the day to day details of the clothes her characters are wearing, the markets and the produce displayed. These every day details of normalcy certainly round out the storyline and introduces the characters as the darker story line unfolds.



    This is a terrific read and I was hooked right from the very start. The plot is great and I have certainly not read anything like it before. Two plot lines have been intricately woven together to give a sensational storyline that is gripping from start to finish.


    Kaz W (kaz_loves_books9)

    I really enjoyed this book. Twisty and gripping. Couldn't put it down. 5*.

    Sue Wallace - Vine Voice


  • Good story. It keeps you guessing throughout. The despair that someone who is being stalked must feel is well portrayed. 5*

    Amazon reader
  • Genuinely creepy and filled with menace. Taut with tension right up to the satisfying end. Will definitely hunt out more from this author.

    Amazon reader
  • A page turner that kept the tension from beginning to end.
    A very good story line and characters, thoroughly enjoyed.
    Looking forward to future stories from this author.

    Amazon reader from Australia


  • Every mother's nightmare. We all want to keep our children safe and happy. This is a superbly written thriller, which kept me reading well into the night! A story about families too. And the dynamics within them. 5*

    Independent Amazon reader
  • OMG this is a stunning and terrifying book. A story of  misunderstanding, confusion and murder. Lots of twists and turns and a surprising conclusion. A very unputdownable read. 5*

    Independent Amazon reader
  • This storyline had me hooked and loved the characters. You are kept guessing throughout and definitely a twist to the outcome. 5*

    Independent Amazon reader
  • Loved this book. Not read one like it before so unique I could not put it down and now I am sorry I have finished it. 

    Independent Amazon reader
  • So many secrets, so much betrayal and lies. A complicated tale of family. Many abusers - horrible violence. I recommend this book as I said it's a great yarn. 4*

    Independent Amazon reader from Australia
  • Read this book in a short time as I needed to know what would happen next. Good twists and well written. I don't often write book review but this book deserved one! 5*

    Independent Amazon reader from Spain.
  • You can guess and try to figure out the direction it's all going in, but it's fun to get it wrong and enjoy all the well written twists and turns, definitely recomment to anyone looking for a great read.5*

    Independent Amazon reader from Australia
  • Secrets in death. A mother's love. Great book. I couldn't stop reading and thinking about the unexpected twist and turns. You won't be able to put it down so start in the morning. I do recommend and will read another by this author. 5*

    Independent Amazon author from the U.S.
  • Very different from any books I have read. Hard to put down because never could figure out all the twists and turns, all the way to the end. 5*

    Independent Amazon reader from U.S.


  • Decades spent atoning for a great wrong. Redemption that is always out of reach. A killer who won’t let go. Six is an enthralling mystery that delivers twists and thrills galore as it builds to its engrossing conclusion. A real page-turner. 

    Adam Hamdy, British novelist, screenwriter and film producer
  • Often I find it hard to read Brit Lit as it is too slow-paced for my liking, however, Six though in parts it did follow the slow-pace that British novels are famous for - it did keep my attention and trying to guess who was wanting revenge on them all...


    Goodreads independent reviewer
  • Six by GS Locke is that rare thing: a work of fiction that manages to realistically depict serious and very real subjects. Young people in crisis; the vagaries of the criminal justice system; the dark truth that a single ill-conceived action can ruin not just your own life, but the lives of those around you, too. Handled with a deft touch and a keen eye for character and pace, Six is a crime novel with a message that does not preach to the reader, but remains a thrilling and suspenseful read right to the last page.

    Shane Dunphy: child protection expert, author and journalist
  • Successful criminal defence lawyer Jon Shaw comes face to face with Danny Hallam a man he tried to kill 25 years previously. Danny has just been released from a 25 year prison term, in which during his sentence he refused to name his five co-conspirators who had been with him when he had killed a drug addict.
    Danny has come to warn Jon that of the six conspirators 25 years ago only two were left as all the others had been murdered. Jon and Danny must discover who is doing the murdering before they themselves are killed.

    This is the basis of this exciting, gripping and suspenseful plot which has been very thoroughly researched and provides a thoroughly engrossing real page turner. The authenticity of the plot takes the reader on an unexpected journey. An extraordinary tour de force and an outstanding achievement in this powerful and deeply moving novel.

    I read it in two sessions, as it's one of the best second books of a British author, that I've read in a very long time-I found the story immensely gripping and fast moving and the pages just shot by. It shows the author at the height of her very considerable storytelling powers with a rich cast of authentic, layered, characters.

    All of the different strands of this very fast moving but imaginative evocative story come together in the final rather exciting denouement-There are a few red herrings to draw the reader to the wrong conclusion before the surprising conclusion. There is a wry humour to the presentation of this story and it is a real page turner but also peopled with zany characters that are wonderfully well presented.
    Impeccably researched infused with great detail. I very strongly recommend this story but don’t read it on a train journey as you are very likely to miss your station because you are so engrossed in it!


    Terry Halligan
  • Locke uses her forensic research to pepper the ever-growing murder enquiries with pinpoint forensic procedures. 

    Professional Writing Academy


  • Well delineated characters and a good sense of place

    This is a unique, deeply atmospheric and unsettling exporation of the dark side of an English city with a great sense of place. It also hangs very precisely on the relationships of its protagonists... All three are delinated well, Locke choosing to come into the story midway - there have already been several murders,Jackson is already off the case, morosely haunting coffee shops and nursing thoughts of self-destruction...

    Yes, there are killings of women. Yes, Jackson is, by the time we meet him, motivated by revenge (though also by guilt). But this is balanced by the portrayal of the killer and his motivations as rooted - ultimately - in misogyny. That's a creepy and gradual portrait, done with great skill and all the better for the restraint used.  

    Vine Voice
  • With its name in lights, NEON is destined for the top of the bestseller charts in 2020...I loved every single page and devoured this edge-of-your-seat thriller in one sitting. So, if you are looking for novel that provides a new twist on the serial-killer genre, then NEON is the book for you. With its sublime characterisation and tautly-plotted narrative, this is a superior thriller in every way.

    Miss R ARC Reviewer
  • Locke's Neon is a classic serial killer mystery with a twist. The writing is taut and streamlined, the plot swiftly paced. This is an amalgamation of a psychological thriller and a serial killer mystery, filled with intrigue, suspense and fascinating information about a fringe form of art. 

    Pen & Ink Reviews
  • This is a dark, deep police thriller with many mysteries, twists and turns which keep you gripped on the edge of your seat right to the very end! So well done G.S. Locke for this rollercoaster of emotion of a book! 

    Goodreads reviewer
  • A vivid page-turner, Neon is all but impossible to put down. With luminous characters, superb locations, relentless pace and a heart-rending final twist, GS Locke injects electrifying new life into the serial killer genre. Grippy from the opening page (grieving DI Matt Jackson really isn’t like most other fictional cops) the three-way cat and mouse plot keeps you guessing all the way. There’s plenty of illuminating detail about the killer’s crazed methodology and the city of Birmingham has rarely leapt so glowingly off the page. But Neon’s crowning glory is its No 1 hit of a hit-woman, Iris Palmer, a tough act who lives on long in the memory.   –


    Gerard O’Donovan, author of The Priest and The Doom List
  • 'Vivid and stylish, it rushes along like a rollercoaster before plunging to an intense conclusion — to be read in a single sitting.

    Daily Mail
  • ‘Neon is not just a rip-roaring serial killer thriller, but one that is properly character-led and contemporary. Here’s a flavour of what early readers having been saying:

    I found Neon to be a unique, hugely entertaining thriller…it’s dark, gritty and violent with a twisted serial killer too. A clever plot will keep you hooked from start to gasp inducing finish. Brilliant.


    The Book Wormery
  • Anyone that has stuck around this blog for any length of time knows that I’m an avid reader of psychological thriller but when a serious crime element is thrown in for good measure, you know I’m anyone’s.  It wasn’t necessarily the twist that I was waiting for that made Neon so good but the devilishly dark narrative that the plot took on from the very first page.

    The format of Neon was so different but totally refreshing.  It was like walking into the eye of the storm.  Points of interest were gone, anything familiar were gone but you were powerless to the pulling power that book had over you.  You were disorientated but the thrill had an edge that you couldn’t withstand. 

    The Coy Caterpillar Reads
  • This was an interesting take on the police procedural, with a hit woman drafted in by a suspended detective to help catch a serial killer.

    I enjoyed this, tight and clever writing, with several twists you don’t see coming.

    Rambling Mads
  • I enjoyed the dynamics of the relationship between Iris and Matt and they are both desperate and this makes the story really exciting and unpredictable, which was great.

    A gripping and very different take on a crime read.

    Karen Reads and Recommends
  • Crime fans will definitely need to put Neon on their “to be read” list as G.S. Locke has truly delivered a cracking crime thriller here with such an unusual premise that it really stands out from the rest


    Neon was an intelligently crafted crime novel with some great character development that really hit the spot for me. 


    Shocking and darkly disturbing at times, Neon is a fabulous read and I can highly recommend it! 

    My Chestnut Reading Tree
  • This is a book impossible to put down, addictive and twisted, you only want to know if the main characters survive the story or die at the hands of this devious killer, because let’s be honest, he is smart and is ready to kill anyone to survive!
    Ready for Neon? 


  • This book packs a punch right from the outset. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is hard to describe without giving anything away but for me its probably one of the best books I've read in a while. I loved the short sharp punchy chapters.


    Fearnely Fiction
  • A quietly powerful serial killer novel set in Birmingham, and a strong crime debut by a British female author with previous experience outside the genre...The uncommon combination of cop and hit woman works well and the dynamic between the two proves fascinating with Iris showing wonderfully amoral Lisbeth Salander and Villanelle touches alongside a meticulous investigative process full of twists and fast running action. A definite page turner with a particularly poignant ending, this manages to give a tired sub-genre some new life (and crimes…).

    Crimetime - Maxim Jakubowski


  • Riveting Crime Thriller

    This is a compulsive crime thriller from GS Locke, set in Birmingham, where a stone cold and ruthless serial killer is running rings around the police...

    Locke certainly has a fascinating protagonist in DCI Matt Jackson, a man certain he is done with life...His unusual partnership with the complex and hard nosed Iris, rendered vulnerable by what is happening in her personal life, is the highlight of this brilliant piece of crime fiction. 

    Top 500 Reviewer

Her Sister's Secret

  • 'Read it in a few hours'.  All in all, this is a good holiday type read. A book that will make you forget reality for a while.

    Amazon customer
  • 'Prose With Punch' - if you enjoy punchy prose and a plot with more twists and turns than a hooked Haddock, this one is for you... A teasing puzzle of a novel that will keep fans glued to the last page.  

    Verified purchase Amazon
  • 'Page turner, fantastic read'. Great book, once I picked it up couldn't put it down.

    Verified Purchase Amazon
  • 'Secrets, intrigue and lies'. 'There was an awful lot going on in the storyline from police corruption to murder to blackmail and cover ups some of which was intriguing but at times it felt rather convoluted and a bit far-fetched... However, overall the story kept my interest once it got going and I enjoyed it. 

    Amazon reviewer
  • Full of suspense and intrigue and a total rollercoaster ride, well worth picking up! I will be looking for more books from this author:)

    Amazon reader
  • A well plotted thriller that carries the reader along as layer by layer the shocking truth is uncovered. It certainly engaged me and like the best whodunits got me guessing until the end. The well researched plot is credible and in Molly Napier there is a well drawn main character.  Certainly for the lovers of the ever popular psychological thriller genre this is well worth a read.

    Amazon reader
  • 'Brilliant'. An excellent book, full of family secrets, a new author to me but I thoroughly enjoyed this fast paced thriller. Well developed characters, with an ending I didn't guess and I can definitely recommend. 

    Netgalley reader
  • I so enjoyed this book... this book is so gripping twisty and addictive...

    Amazon reader
  • Enter into the world of secrets. Secrets here, secrets there, secrets upon secrets everywhere...I really enjoyed this thiller - mystery that took me along a path which was filled with countless twists and turns.  

    Netgalley reader
  • This was a thrilling family drama involving long kept secrets, the price paid for keeping them and the pain of breaking them apart to get to the truth no matter the devastating costs, emotionally and physically.  Great read!

    Goodreads reader
  • A great, engrossing book, and anyone that enjoys a thrilling read will surely enjoy it!!

    Netgalley reader
  • An exciting thriller like no other is found in this new work by EV Seymour.

    Netgalley reader
  • If your (sic) after a story that's well balanced with mystery, intrigue ,speculation and a good dose of love than (sic) this is the one for you. A perfect psychological thriller! 

    Netgalley reader
  • Gripping. I didn't guess the twist and actually thought the story would end a completely different way. I read it all in a day and into the night (who needs sleep?) I want to reread the book to work out where the clues were that I missed and I never usually reread a book. I'll be looking out for more by this author. Recommended.

    Goodreads reader
  • I so enjoyed this book... so gripping, twisty and addictive...

    Goodreads reader
  • Her Sister's Secret was a fantastic read with an ending you won't see coming. A truly devastating read with many twists along the way.

    Goodreads reader
  • Excellent read! ... Suspenseful. Fast paced. Twists. Great writing - highly recommend.  

    Goodreads reader
  • Perfect psychological thriller! It moved at a fast pace with twists and turns throughout. I couldn't put it down. Highly recommend.

    Goodreads reader

Final Target

  • Final Target by Seymour

    by penninkreviews

    E.V. Seymour’s second installment in the Joshua Thane Thriller series finds Hex at a crossroads. With a high octane plot, a lone wolf former assassin as a protagonist, and an undercurrent of vengeance, Final Target is a thrill ride.

    Hex is struggling to put his past behind him and lead a normal life when McCallen, the gorgeous spook and force of nature he crossed paths with in the previous book, shows up asking for his help. The ex-hitman finds that he cannot resist. Her life is in the crosshairs; someone is killing in a similar manner to the methods he once used; and Hex finds the past coming back to haunt him as he is taunted by an old nemesis he thought dead at his own hands.

    This is a more introspective tale than the previous in the series. In Final Target, Hex is a more conflicted character wrestling with the emotional turmoil of regret and guilt. He is an antihero who regrets not being a hero, though his actions consistently fall under the label of the latter. He is a decent man at heart, grappling to be a better man and to lead a life out of the shadows. He cannot resist aiding the one woman who fascinates him, even as he finds himself drawn deeper into an entangled snare of lies, double dealings, and revenge. 

    Seymour’s writing style is intelligent, understated, and hard-hitting in its subtleness. Dark and gritty, this is a fast-paced read with an engaging plot and a protagonist who is far more likable and heroic than he realises. Filled with deadly women, international intrigue, and numerous quests for revenge, Final Targetdoes not let up from the first page to the last. 

    Highly recommended for fans of thrillers with a remorseful antihero as the protagonist and of mysteries with a vengeful edge

    Pen &Ink Reviews

Final Target

  • The second story in the Josh Thane Thriller series is darker, character-driven and enthralling.

    The ex-hitman is trying to make a life that doesn't involve killing for a living and seems to be succeeding on the surface at least until his Achilles heel- McCallen, asks for his help and starts him on the most challenging journey of his life.

    More of an introspective story than the first book in the series 'A Deadly Trade', which has apocalyptic themes. The violence is graphic, as is the sexual content but only to set the scene and move the story forward, none of it is gratuitous. 

  • Exciting, thrilling, well plotted, this book draws you in from the start and Josh Thane is a credible and well drawn main character.

    A writer to watch out for. 

    Amazon Reviewer
  • Ex-assassin Josh Thane goes to Berlin to help MI5 agent Mc Callan. Josh tries to work out why people are being killed and who he can trust. An easy fast paced read with a few twists in the plot. 

    Amazon Reviewer
  • Ex-assassin Josh Thane has given up his life of murder and bloodshed and gone to ground in London. But when glamorous MI5 agent, McCallan, needs his help with a dangerous operation in Berlin, Josh can’t resist being pulled back into the game.

    A very enjoyable read. I liked the story too. 4*.

    Amazon Reviewer

A Deadly Trade

  • Absolutely loved this book. It kept me involved from start to end and I didn't put it down. Would recommend to anyone and have already purchased the next in the series

    Independent reader
  • A fast moving thriller, no holds barred and suspense right up to the last sentence.

    Independent reader
  • Excellent read...brilliant storyline...characters really good...Josh guy ...liked him...he'll go along first read of yours ...well have another fan.

    Independent Reader
  • Great crime book, good pace and enough depth to make the story gripping. An interesting take on the lead character which I enjoyed reading about and challenged my opinion of traditional goodies and baddies. Looking forward to the next instalment.

    Independent reader
  • A fast-paced story with an enigmatic male anti-hero and lots of action.

    Independent reader

House of Lies

  • 'Terrific, one of the best thriller writers out there.'

    Gerard O'Donovan.
  • 'The lines between guilt and innocence become rather blurred.'

    Cheryl M-M's Book Blog.
  • 'Eve Seymour does it again, the master (mistress) of dynamics. Her novels are like indulging yourself in an orchestral masterpiece.'

    Craig Chapman.
  • 'An emotional rollercoaster which takes you from anger to fear to sadness in a surprising final twist.'

    Amazon Reviewer.
  • 'If you like your thrillers to be emotionally powerful with a touch of gothic, this is for you.'

    Amazon Reviewer.
  • 'Gothic horror meets breakneck psychological thriller.'

    P.R. Magrane.
  • 'A dark read full of suspense.'

    Letter Book Reviews.
  • 'It will keep you gripped from start to finish.'

    Amazon Reviewer.
  • 'Immensely enjoyable.'

    Amazon Reviewer.
  • 'Full of twists that I didn't see coming.'

    Amazon Reviewer.
  • 'Another fantastic read from Eve Seymour, with a gripping story line and a twist I didn't see coming.'

    Amazon Reviewer.
  • 'A compelling, richly textured and highly original psychological thriller.'

    Amazon Reviewer.
  • 'A thoroughly enjoyable, intriguing and gripping book.'

    Amazon Reviewer.
  • House of Lies is a brand new psychological thriller, from E. V. Seymour. With Seymour, you know you are getting an intelligent insightful read. This is no exception.

    Independent blogger

Resolution to Kill

  • Following on from her outstanding third book in the series, LAND OF GHOSTS, Paul Tallis, an off-the-books spook for MI5, is taking time out after his last bruising mission in Russia, when he receives a personal plea for help from his Croatian-born mother to find Dario Garich, a lifelong family friend who has mysteriously gone missing; Tallis immediately flies to the Balkans. His quest unfortunately turns sour when he's abducted by 'The Alliance,' an elite covert American Special Ops organisation. Garich, it transpires, is a wanted man with a dirty history. Putting aside family loyalties, and under orders from his handler, Tallis is assigned to assist the Americans. Garich is traced but someone with a personal grudge gets to him first.

    It seems that there is a team of Balkan women who were horrified by the actions of some of the United Nations troops who entered their countries during the 1990s, who did unspeakable things, and some are now in positions of importance and influence. So the ladies decide to take revenge and kidnap some of the most important men.

    The superbly plotted and gripping story moves on with great rapidity to its very surprising conclusion. There are many other elements to RESOLUTION TO KILL not mentioned in this review that combine to make it a very exciting novel which I cannot recommend too highly.

    This book, like all her titles, is extremely focused, as the action changes between several countries with a researched authenticity which is hard to fault, but there is inevitably quite a bit of violence. The author is very detailed in her research and is able to describe the background of all the locations and time periods with an authority which is very effective. I thought this story the best of the four 'Paul Tallis' titles but to really appreciate it, you should read the previous ones to trace the development of this unlikely protagonist. However, in saying that each story is self contained and the author goes to considerable pains to explain the back story.

    This is a fast paced and very witty novel and the author has a real gift for blending the action sequences with the mundane trivial details of Tallis: he lives in a run-down bungalow near Birmingham, but drives a Boxster Porsche sports car; he continues to be told off by his mother, who is unaware that he has even has a job, never mind that he indirectly subcontracts to the government department of MI5 and that she would like him to settle down with a nice girlfriend.

    On the cover of my copy it says "forget Bond, forget Bourne, meet Paul Tallis". Why not indeed? I think this author is just superb and I hope that you enjoy reading her books as much as I do. RESOLUTION TO KILL is yet another extremely readable example of her work, indeed another page-turner and I eagerly anticipate the next book.

    Eurocrime Review by Terry Halligan

The Last Exile

  • July 2008 Debut of the Month. 

    An exciting new author in the mystery thriller market is EV Seymour. This debut novel is action packed page turning stuff. Each chapter wills you on to the next as you wonder where the plot will twist to next. Conspiracy theories abound to keep you guessing right until the final pages. Great stuff from a writer to definitely keep an eye on.
  • For a crime/espionage thriller, The Last Exile isn't as action-heavy as one might expect. That's not to say there isn't violence or gunplay – both feature numerous times throughout the book – but the handling of these events is for the most part more subdued than other examples of the genre, focusing more on the emotional cost of violence than its physical consequences. Some may feel underwhelmed by this approach, whilst others will appreciate Seymour's more restrained, realistic style.

    Throughout, The Last Exile retains a thoughtful edge – whilst not the most literary offering in its field, it nevertheless provides a more sensitive and emotionally mature experience than the average action novel.
  • E V Seymour’s debut novel is a fast-paced thriller that taps into a number of contemporary concerns.  The incident that disgraced her hero, for example, bears a strong similarity to the Stockwell shooting of 2005 and panic over illegal immigrants has been a tabloid staple for the past decade. She is also one of the few writers working in the crime genre to date to tackle the insidious influence of extreme right wing ideas on public attitudes. 

    As in any good thriller the surprises and betrayals come thick and fast, Seymour maintains throughout a convincing feeling of ambiguity, in the world of The Last Exile the good guys often turn out to be just the least bad guys. Seymour should also be praised for creating a flawed though decent central character who could be the basis of a better than average series of novels. 
    This is an assured debut novel, one which creates a dark world of betrayal and violence that is all too believable, E V Seymour shows every sign of becoming one of the big names of the next decade.

    ‘Skulduggery and corruption at the highest levels:  scarily plausible.’  Quintin Jardine

    ‘Taut, razor-sharp and utterly compelling.’  Dreda Say Mitchell

    ‘If you like your thrillers gritty and your conspiracies ripped from the headlines, this book is for you.’  Meg Gardiner

    Shots Magazine

The Mephisto Threat

  • The author has a real gift for blending the action sequences with the mundane, domestic details of Paul. We learn he lives in a run down bungalow and drives a tatty car. He is always been told off by his mother for not getting a sensible job and a nice girlfriend!

    E V Seymour is an outstanding new author and this book is an extremely readable example of her work. A real page turner. It has everything: excitement, suspense, and romance. I eagerly await to read the next instalment of her hero.

    On the cover of my copy it says "forget Bond, forget Bourne, meet Paul Tallis". Why not indeed? I think this author is just superb. I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I did.

  • The Mephisto Threat is scary – not so much because of what happens but because it's all too easy to think that it just might be true. Eve Seymour has her finger on the pulse of contemporary issues and the politics behind them and there's an edgy, gritty tone to her writing, which fits the subject matter perfectly. It's very much in the here and now and you have the feeling that it will all be in the newspaper tomorrow.

    The BookBag
  • A gripping and well written book in which the characters thoughts are seamlessly integrated into the story making the reader deeply involved from the start. The main characters frustrations and conflicts are realistic and the plot is well written with a few unexpected twists at the end. The ins and outs of the UK's organised crime divisions does become a bit taxing  at points, but overall a very good book that had me interested from start to finish

    'This thriller hurtles through the pages like Jason Bourne charging through all three films at once...No punches pulled action.' --Peterborough Evening Telegraph

    BFK Books
  • Fast-paced and bloody.

    The Mirror

Land of Ghosts

  • The talented Seymour prides herself on writing novels as tough and sinewy as any male writer - a skill she further polishes in Land of Ghosts, a complex and fast-moving outing for her resourceful protagonist Paul Tallis.

    Good Book Guide
  • EV Seymour is an outstanding new author and this book is another extremely readable example of her work, another page-turner. This series has everything: excitement, suspense, and romance. EV Seymour is every bit as good as her contemporaries - Leather, (Gerald) Seymour and Le Carre - and I eagerly await the next book.


  • This is Seymour's third novel featuring Paul Tallis, an MI5 operative, and I'll be looking for the first two in the series.  If you enjoy action novels and/or spy novels in the tradition of Robert Ludlum, these novels should fill the bill. 

    An undercover agent in Chechnya has been out of touch for a year, and his handler suspects he has gone rogue.  Paul Tallis is approached about a mission to bring the missing operative out; although he questions the assignment, he agrees because the missing agent is an old school friend, Graham Darke. 

    Tallis must infiltrate the rebel Chechen movement, find his old friend, determine his loyalty, and attempt to bring him home (willing or unwilling) in order to prevent the disintegration of Anglo-Russian relations. 

    Tallis finds brutality and corruption on both sides of the conflict, and while he sympathizes with the situation of both regular Russian soldiers and ordinary Chechens, he is appalled at the behavior of psychopaths and sadists on both sides.  To add to the suspense, Tallis continues to question the motives behind his own mission. 

    Interesting characters, action, suspense, and a frightening look at the background of a conflict that Americans know little about. 

  • E.V. Seymour takes the reader deep inside a conflict during which the Russian army used horrific force against the civilian population in order to break the will of a people fighting for its independence. What she portrays is not pretty. "Land of Ghosts" is a story of brutality and torture from both sides of the conflict, but the behavior of the Russian invaders was particularly vicious. Russian soldiers used rape, torture, murder, and the burning and looting of villages as ways to discourage civilian support for the rebels they fought. Chechen rebels, on their part, were likely to brutalize and torture the Russian soldiers that fell into their hands. 

    "Land of Ghosts," however, is about more than men killing each other for political reasons. It is about friendship, love, and how people are changed by constant exposure to the horrors of war. Seymour peoples her story with interesting characters that include a newly minted Russian millionaire willing to help Tallis for the sheer adventure of it and the Chechen woman who prepares him for his mission while fighting her own expulsion from the U.K. Tallis even finds a bit of romance amidst the chaos of wartime Chechnya and grows close to the young Muslim who insists on helping him negotiate his way through the dangerous landscape he must cross. 

    Even those for whom "Land of Ghosts" is their first Paul Tallis book, will come away with a good understanding of what makes him tick because Seymour provides the backstory and side plot associated with a good standalone novel. Much in the tradition of James Bond, Paul Tallis achieves the seemingly impossible over and over again, surviving situations that often do in the lesser men around him while he moves one square closer to his goal. That kind of thing is built into this genre. If you are a fan, you already know that and will not want to miss this one.