Resolution to Kill


Faced with a crisis decision by his paymasters, Tallis is forced to choose between two evils, an act that will change his life forever.

Paul Tallis, an off-the-books spook for MI5, is taking time out after his last bruising mission in Russia. When he receives a personal plea for help from his Croatian-born mother to find Dario Garich, a lifelong family friend who has mysteriously gone missing, Tallis decamps to the Balkans. His quest immediately turns sour when he's abducted by 'The Alliance,' an elite covert American Special Ops organisation.

Garich, it transpires, is a wanted man with a dirty history. Putting aside family loyalties, and under orders from his handler, Tallis is assigned to assist the Americans. Garich is traced but someone with a personal grudge gets to him first.

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