A Deadly Trade

  • 'The first paragraph was enough to hook me'

    Crime Squad
  • 'Cranks up the pace to rocket speed'

    Crime Thriller Girl
  • 'Reminiscent of Matt Hilton’s Joe Hunter books'


One Moment of Weakness Can Cost You Everything

Rogue assassin Josh Thane is an artist in murder. His next target is a British microbiologist suspected of creating devastating chemical weapons.

Breaking into her house, he discovers someone has beaten him to it – she's already dead. In a moment of weakness, he saves the life of her son. A single mistake that destroys everything he’s worked for and puts him and the boy in immediate danger...

When Josh embarks on an international quest to find the real killer, he uncovers a criminal conspiracy with truly terrifying consequences. Yet it’s in his own past that the darkest truth lies hidden.

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