I’ve worked as a freelance editor, specialising in crime, action adventure, spy fiction and psychological thrillers for the past eighteen years. During this time I’ve also written and had published novels in various genres but I'm now focused on writing domestic noir/psychological thrillers. Think family secrets with a body or two chucked in! My latest story, 'My Lying Husband', is published by Joffe. 'The Widow's Boyfriend,' which is also published by Joffe, is available in audio format by Podium, as is  'My Daughter's Secrets,' 'The Patient' and 'The Housekeeper's Daughter.' A brand new story, untitled at the moment, is due for release in October, 2024 with another scheduled for release in 2025. 

Like many writers, I did not meet with overnight success. It took me around seven years to obtain a publishing deal. (This was in the days before self-publishing). But before all this happened, and when I felt as though I was hitting a brick wall, I decided to seek the help of a freelance editor. It proved to be a game changer and, not long afterwards, I obtained agent representation. In other words, I understand the difficulties associated with the writing journey. I know how it feels to deal with what seems insurmountable rejection and I also understand what is required for ultimate publishing success.

Mostly, I help authors to make their stories the best that they can be and according to the ability of the writer. I don’t promise agent representation, although I have contacts with agents. I’m not a fixer, guaranteed to ensure your story is published. I will, however, give you honest and constructive criticism, based on genuine experience that has been cultivated over a number of years. If you feel that I can help you with your writing, please take a look at what I offer. 

MINI-CRITIQUE/AGENT SUBMISSION: an assessment of three chapters, or 8,000 words, synopsis and query letter.

It’s ideal for new writers who are still finding their feet.  It’s also perfect for the more experienced author who has already written a story and is thinking about submission to agents.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     £210.00

IN-DEPTH CRITIQUE: this is a detailed report that covers all aspects of storytelling, including characterisation, plot structure and pace and tension. A minimum report will typically consist of around 8,000 words of advice, and can be a lot more, depending on the ability of the writer.

There is a base fee of £150.00 + £4.00 per thousand words. A novel with an 85k word count costs £490.00.

There is a 10% reduction for second reads.

A post phone call chat afterwards is also included, at the author’s expense.

Again, this is a great option for those authors who are still feeling their way with writing.


This works best with authors who are already familiar with the basics and already have a good grasp of storytelling skills. It’s up to the author to decide which areas need additional support. It can either be used after an In-depth critique is carried out, or in isolation.

£50.00 per hour.


This is for confident authors who either want to self-publish or obtain agent representation. You may have already written and submitted your story and received sound feedback from agents, but require more detailed advice in order to push the story over the line.  Following a phone call to discuss, manuscripts are annotated, with track changes to flag up points of structure and then a ‘round-up’ report is written (around 1,000 words, including specific suggestions).

There is a base fee of £250.00 + £8.00 per thousand words. A novel with an 85k word count works out to £930.00.

If you think I can help, drop me a line to outline your project, noting any specific concerns to: e.v.seymour@btinternet.com or you can contact me through my website:  info@evseymour.co.uk

Turnaround time: usually four weeks and often shorter. If there is any change, I will always make this clear.

Presentation: manuscripts need to be double-spaced, in a standard font, with page numbers, and in a word document format.

Payment: is always upfront.

GDPR: I’m compliant and will destroy all works after seven years.

Finally, you can read some of my editorial success stories on the Success Stories page of this website.