Posted on 4 March 2019 | 10:09 am

    We all recognise how solitary writing is. I occasionally feel as if I’m stuck in a far-flung outpost, disconnected from reality, (not a bad thing sometimes) ploughing my own literary furrow, alone. Since October, I’ve been living, breathing and sleeping in my imaginary world – hence my very limited activity on Twitter – but last […]

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    Posted on 1 February 2019 | 12:29 pm

    Keen to take advantage of a week ‘off’, I went to the theatre and reduced my ‘TBR’ (To be read) pile by a factor of two. The theatre trip was amusing for all the wrong reasons so I’m going to gloss over that one – apart from saying that the man sitting next to me […]

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    Posted on 2 January 2019 | 3:05 pm

    No, not those early January days following all the celebrations when, bit-by-bit, we stutter into a New Year, with resolutions already broken. I refer to that weird space in time when a writer types the last word of a first draft.  Initially, all kinds of jubilant emotions kick in but, my goodness, they are swiftly […]

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    Posted on 1 November 2018 | 8:06 am

    I’m badly overdue with my post and it’s going to be the shortest ever, but for the best of reasons: I. Am. Writing. Scary and thrilling in equal measure – hope this translates to the story – I’m literally sleeping, eating and breathing this one and won’t be coming up for air for some time. […]

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    Posted on 21 September 2018 | 8:23 am

    It seems incredible that, two weeks ago, I boarded a train to York for the Jericho Writers Festival weekend. The second I leapt aboard I sensed I was in for a treat. There I was, book at the ready, ‘stuff’ to munch, water to drink and, a few seats away, a hen party en route […]

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    Posted on 28 July 2018 | 1:29 pm

    No, this isn’t a reference to the soaring temperature the UK has recently experienced but the fact that, for many months, ‘Hotter than July’ was the working title of my current novel. (For the moment, I’m keeping the new title under wraps). When I explained that changing and ‘chucking out’ (not just the title) is […]

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    Posted on 16 June 2018 | 8:55 am

    It’s often said that we don’t know how to complain in this country. We either go all shouty and launch a nasty review on Trip Advisor or we slump into passive aggression and say nothing.  At the risk of being controversial, I’m about to talk about book reviews. There used to be a time when […]

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  • Merry Month of May

    Posted on 25 May 2018 | 8:17 am

    What a month. And I don’t mean the Royal Wedding.   No, I mean lots of new stuff going on. Firstly, I’m very happy to confirm my participation in the Jericho Writers 2018 York Festival in September. Running from the 7th-9th, it promises to be bigger and better and the ‘go-to’ place for unpublished writers to […]

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    Posted on 20 April 2018 | 12:35 pm

    It’s a bit of a ‘tatty’ post this month because, looking back over April, I’ve been flitting from one thing to another like a proverbial buzzy/busy bee. It began with me playing an April fool on my best writing pal. This deserves some context. We pretty much natter via email most days and live close […]

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    Posted on 16 March 2018 | 12:40 pm

    Scooting around on Facebook, as you do, I spotted a number of writers who are embarking on edits, often after submitting drafts of new novels to agents or editors a couple of months ago. Now we all know that the likelihood of writing something fabulous straight off is as likely as winning Euromillions, but I […]

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