The Mephisto Threat - E.V. Seymour

Introduction to 'Land of Ghosts'

Outnumbered. Outgunned. And running out of time. Meet Paul Tallis – a spy for the 21st Century

Introduction to Land of Ghosts

Keen readers/listeners will pick up that I talk about Rufus Graham rather than Graham Darke. The reason for this is quite simple. During the course of writing, 'Rufus' seemed like the wrong name for the character so it got changed.

Fearing an undercover agent working in Chechnya has gone rogue, MI6 look to off-the-books spook Paul Tallis for help. Yet for Tallis the mission becomes personal when he learns that the missing operative is his old school friend, Graham Darke.

Learning of a threat to assassinate the Russian prime minister, Tallis must infiltrate the rebel movement and reach Darke before Anglo-Russian relations are permanently destroyed. But, confronted with the reality of the Chechen battlefield, Tallis faces doubts.

As a second cold war grows closer, is Darke truly his enemy – or the only man he can trust?

For fans of ROBERT LUDLUM, GERALD SEYMOUR and JOHN LE CARRÉ, this is a must read.

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