Beautiful Losers - Eve Seymour

Beautiful Losers

Available March 6, 2016. 978-0-7387-4643-2, 480 pp, $15.99

Splitting her personal and professional life between Devon and Cheltenham, Kim Slade is a clinical psychologist specialising in young women with eating disorders. She also has someone who specialises in her: an anonymous stalker.

When Kyle Stannard steps suddenly into her life, Kim believes him to be her stalker. Stannard, a former male model, has a facial disfigurement following botched surgery. Partially scarred after a childhood accident, Kim believes this the reason for Stannard's attraction and reports him to the police. But smart-mouthed Stannard denies the accusation and has a plausible explanation for every move he makes.

In a race against time, and as Kim closes in on the truth, too late she realises that the person who wants to destroy her is much closer to home.


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