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Wicked Game

JOSHUA THANE aka HEX is a freelance assassin. His next target is Dr Mary Wilding, a British microbiologist suspected of trading secrets. Breaking into her house, he discovers someone has beaten him to it - she's already dead. The portable hard he's ordered to steal is also missing.

About to flee the scene, Hex comes face-to-face with Wilding's teenage son. According to normal rules of engagement, Hex should kill the boy to protect his own identity and professional reputation, but turbulent memories from his past trigger a crisis of conscience.

Bewildered by his actions, Hex allows the boy to live and flees. With his own life under threat for apparently botching the job, Hex embarks on an international quest to find the real killer.

Using his old contacts, including crime boss Billy Squeeze, he unravels a criminal conspiracy to develop and detonate an ethnically specific biological weapon. Rogue state, terrorist or organised crime, whoever has the information, holds the power to deal to the highest bidder.
And the British security services want it back?

Chase took part in a panel to discuss crime fiction with Russell James and Caro Peacock at the 2013 Cheltenham Literary Festival. It was Chase's first official outing and where it was revealed that Adam Chase is actually E.V. Seymour.

BBC Radio Gloucester covered and broke the story.

Why write with a male pseudonym?

Among certain quarters, there is a perception that women cannot write convincingly and authentically about guns, weapons, biological, or otherwise, explosions, flying off in helicopters, tearing off on motorbikes, security service issues and guys getting down and dirty.

And, while there is long tradition of female writers creating male detectives, there aren't that many female writers with action adventure heroes as their main leads. Hence, I reckoned, that if I couldn't beat my male counterparts, I'd join them.

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