Game Over - E.V Seymour Writing as Adam chase

Game Over

'Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.' Confucius

Hex has returned to his old stamping ground in 'Little London' (Cheltenham) and reinvented himself as a property developer. But going straight is tough. He misses the buzz. He also misses McCallen.

So when McCallen comes to him with a private job, involving a trip to Berlin, Hex can't resist - and just a small step outside the UK risks the certain attention of Mossad.

But an Israeli hit squad is the least of his problems because someone with deadly intent is out not just to get him but those closest to him.

And, whoever it is, has modelled their skills on Hex.

As crime bosses and intelligence officers are picked off one by one, Hex realises that Billy Squeeze's dead hand reaches far and wide beyond the grave.

Then McCallen disappears and Hex is forced to fall back on his old ways. Either he walks into the trap set for him, or McCallen dies.


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